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We listen, we create, we inspire

Our team creates one of a kind jewelry. We guide you to the right design, the choice of metal and cut of the diamond or other precious stone. Every piece is handled with the utmost precision, care and knowledge.

You’re unique, so why isn’t your jewelry?
With almost 40 years of experience, and having the best craftsmen , we are able to create the perfect jewel just for you.

We advise

in all discretion.

We talk budget

according to your needs.

We create

with only one person in mind.

Based in Antwerp, in the heart of the world diamond trading centre.

Pelugi is located just 250 metres from Antwerp Central station. Antwerp has been the largest diamond centre in the world for more than five centuries. This city is filled with creativity, craftsmanship, technology and traditions.

We are committed to delivering the best quality, therefore we only work with certified HRD and GIA diamonds.

Why choose Pelugi?

Peter and Luc started Pelugi in 1982 and serve various clients.  As they design all types of jewelry, from engagement rings to anniversary gifts, their bond with a client is usually a lifelong connection. They take pride in the fact that their core values are oriented around authenticity, creativity and customer satisfaction.

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    Vestingstraat 59-63 (6th floor)
    2018 Antwerp – Belgium

    General information:

    Peter Stevens:
    +32 475 85 49 59
    Luc Gryson:
    +32 475 85 49 60